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VENKY’S INTENSE MASS is a powerful mass gaining formula designed using protein blend consisting of Albumen(Egg Protein), Casein (Milk Protein)and Whey Protein. Whey Protein is a fast digesting protein whereas Albumen and Case in are slow digesting proteins. Thus there is sustained release of proteins throughout the day. It contains BCAAs which are used in protein synthesis and provide fuel for endurance activity. It also contains Glutamine. Resistance training causes small tears in the muscle tissue, this is the time when your body is in need of glutamine. Glutamine supplementation can help reduce the effects of muscle catabolism. It contains Creatine which helps to perform for longer periods of time, with more energy and also aids with recovery and increases strength gains with exercise.It also contains Taurine which act as a Fat-burner.It contains Complex Carbohydrates which are slow digesting carbs providing sustained energy during workout.It is also enriched with 21 different vitamins and minerals.

VENKY’S INTENSE MASS It is available in Delicious Chocolate flavor.


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Usage Description:


Who should use?

Athlete, Sportspersons, Body Builders , Those who wants healthy weight gain .

How to use?

1 scoop (30 gm) in 200 ml of cold skimmed/ no fat milk .Mix well using a blender and drink immediately. Best time to take this shake is before workout or after workout.


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